Students practice asanas in class
Students practice restorative Yoga


“Thank you for such a wonderful class. Your attention to detail is ever amazing and your love for teaching is so evident and glowing.”


“Thank you for all you do that adds Joy, Mystery, and enCHANTment to our lives!”


“You bring me tears of sweetness, joy, relief, a caring and nurturing spirit, tucking me in for the first time in my life.”


“ What a powerful resource to have a teacher like you, and a studio like this, for my practice.”


“I have been so frightened and so tense for so many years that I lost faith in my innate ability to relax. But today instead of trying to force myself to relax from the outside, I felt it naturally emerge from the inside - it is so inspiring.”


“... I tell everyone that I think you are the best yoga teacher around--and I truly think you are. Your teaching encourages people to grow without being pressured to do so. You teach by your words and even more by your example. Thank you! Thank you! Knowing you is certainly one of the true blessings in my life.”


“Please know that the class this evening was very effective for me. I had an emotionally draining day, and actually had to convince myself to attend tonight! Upon leaving the studio, a fresh feeling of calm accompanied me. Thank you for providing the tools to accomplish this.”


“Every week before class I think about being too busy; every week after class I'm so thankful I took the time.”


“Just wanted to say again how wonderful the two weekends of restorative yoga were for loved your teaching style and the content of the workshop. I do look forward to taking your regular classes in the spring.”


“Class gives me a special kind of joy.”