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Special Events

We endeavor to provide our community with options for further learning, practice, and experience, trying to make these as varied and enriching as life itself. Here you may find a drumming workshop, an evening of creative movement and dance, a yoga workshop or training, a weekend with other instructors, or even a movie or performance. These events broaden our studio palette, adding color and spice to our usual class offerings.


Teachers TrainingCredit: Kathy Morris

MOBILITY IN STABILITY: Harnessing the Pairs of Opposites for Emotional Poise with Brooke Myers from the Iyengar Yoga Institute of NYC June 1 - 2

10 am - 4:30 pm each day with a lunch break | Cost: $195 full weekend / $110 single day

The definition of Hatha Yoga is to unite the apparently opposite sun and moon energies of the body. BKS Iyengar's approach to asana and pranayama was exactly that; every action has a counteraction which creates a new state of being and understanding. In this workshop, the seeming paradoxes of practice will be explored and utilized for transformation.

Brooke Flyer

Our 20th Anniversary Celebration! Saturday, June 8

We'll have amazing performances of voice, sitar, and more, as well as a party, so please plan to come and join us in the festivities! More information will be forthcoming soon, but mark your calendar now!

Teacher Trainings

200 hour Yoga Teacher Training
300 hour Yoga Teacher Training

Both trainings will be registered with Yoga Alliance. Completion of the 200-hour training is required before applying for the 300-hour program. If interested in either training, please contact us to be advised of upcoming program dates and details.
We also offer Prenatal and Restorative Teacher Certifications.