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We are a Yoga Alliance-registered school and our heartfelt intention is to support you in experiencing the healing power of breath, yoga, meditation, and other modalities that serve the journey of human consciousness. Our yoga studio provides expert instruction while offering a compassionate atmosphere for your explorations.

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From the moment we first saw this property, we felt it was a healing place. We were drawn to share the special environment that we are blessed to live in with others. Our yoga studio came into being because we had a dream of serving our local community, as well as creating a sense of community, through what we could offer here.

Construction of the beautiful Studio at Panterra was completed and its doors opened in 1999. Our studio is a 1,000 square foot, fully equipped yoga and movement facility. Just 3 miles from Westfield, New York, The Studio at Panterra offers a naturally peaceful location in which to study and practice, surrounded by the serene waterfalls and park-like environment of Bell Creek Gorge. In the studio and its surroundings, we offer classes, workshops, private sessions and various activities.

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Dariel DeGennaro Woltz, B.A., C.M.T., E-R.Y.T.

Dariel DeGennaro Woltz

Dariel is the Director of The Studio at Panterra. The intention of her work is to support you in experiencing the healing power of breath, yoga, and deep rest in an environment where exploration can readily unfold. Dariel is a 500-hour experienced Yoga Alliance Teacher and a certified Movement Therapist. She became a Kripalu Yoga Teacher in 1979 and has been a continuing student of the Iyengar tradition since 1982.

Dariel is The Studio at Panterra's Director and main instructor. Dariel had a strong background in dance when she first came to a sincere pursuit of yoga practice in 1978. Hoping that it could help her with some stress related concerns, her dedicated practice worked its magic, soothing her mind and body like a healing balm in a way that nothing had before. After some unexpected, but obvious prodding from the universe, Dariel replaced her yoga instructor at the YMCA, who was leaving the area. From then until the present, she has traveled the path of her life with yoga as a primary focus. Dariel became affiliated with Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health in 1978, becoming a certified Kripalu Yoga instructor in 1979. She and her husband lived at Kripalu Center from 1983-1989 while she taught yoga classes and teacher training for the center, bringing her interest in the Iyengar Yoga tradition to bear in her teaching. Dariel feels she has incorporated the best of both traditions, along with her study of various other movement modalities, into her teaching style over the years. She focuses on creating a supportive and open-hearted environment where exploration can readily unfold.

Dariel has completed Open Sky Yoga's Essential and Advanced Teacher trainings as well as the Pranayama and Yoga for Back Care trainings, under the direction of Françcois Raoult. She has also completed Basic and Advanced Relax and Renew Yoga teacher trainings with Judith Lasater, the founder of Yoga Journal. Dariel is a certified Yoga for Scoliosis instructor who studied with Elise Miller, and is also certified in Danskinetics™, Movement Education, and Motional Processing©.  Dariel believes deeply in the healing power of movement, breath, and deep relaxation and has been dedicated to serving groups and individuals for more than 30 years.

Michael E. Woltz, M.P.A.S., R.P.A.C

Michael E. Woltz

Michael is co-founder of The Studio at Panterra and has had a lifelong spiritual practice. In addition to being a physician assistant for 28 years, he leads our meditation experiences, and also teaches the Journey of Consciousness portion of our yoga teacher training. He has studied a variety of religious, philosophical and mystical traditions, and lived at The Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health for 6 years. Over this past decade, Michael has continued to deepen his 27-year practice of yoga and meditation. This practice informs his current perspectives on the transformation of human consciousness.

Jennifer Raines, B.A., LMT  RYT500

Jennifer Raines

Jen started her yogic journey in 1999 studying Ashtanga Yoga in North Carolina, while attending massage therapy school. She continued her Ashtanga practice until 2005, when she began studying at The Studio at Panterra and enjoying the benefits of Iyengar style yoga. Jen has been a passionate student at our studio ever since, participating in weekly classes, weekend workshops with Dariel as well as François Raoult and Brooke Meyers. Jen has also started a program called "Recoveryoga" at the Mental Health Association in Chautauqua County which is a yoga program for people in recovery from drug and alcohol abuse.  Jen has assisted Dariel in beginning and restorative yoga classes and has completed our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training. She has recently graduated from the 300 hour advanced yoga teacher training at Open Sky Yoga in Rochester, NY with Francois Raoult. Yoga has fostered a tremendous healing in Jen's life and she hopes to share this with others. Jen is a New York and Pennsylvania licensed massage therapist, currently practicing in Westfield.

Kristen Barber

Kristen Barber

Kristen found yoga in 1999 while fulfilling a PE requirement for her undergrad degree. She went to that class thinking she would learn to stretch but what she really learned was a way to live. She found a path to follow. Since then she has traveled worldwide and taken classes in many yoga styles from many amazing teachers; each one leaving their imprint that has shaped her own personal practice and teaching style. In recent years she has felt the need to go deeper with her own practice and in 2014 she began teacher training. That experience transformed her and left her with a burning desire (tapas) to share yoga with others and with you. For Kristen, yoga is a slow dance. It is synchronized movement of the body and breath intimately linking and balancing mind, body, and soul. It is a practice of finding stillness and quiet and experiencing the innate wisdom that is within each of us. Join her for the journey inward.